You don't take a photograph. You make it. - Ansel Adams

We, Ilka and Michael, are both getting more and more serious about our photography and we thought we need something to show our pictures and share the pictures as well as our experiences with whoever might be interested. It is an experience for the both of us.

As if making pictures is not difficult enough at times - setting up a website with zero knowledge is certainly a challenge. We are using Backlight which allows us a great deal of freedom, allows us to do most of the work in Lightroom but is simple enough so I can run it. We will see where this effort will take us.

We take comfort out of the quote of Bruno Barbey saying: "Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." Most of our website will have text in English language, but don't be surprised if there is an article in German language as well. It is about our pictures. There won't be large essays to read.

Ilka & Michael Goth

The Latest Galleries Added

Mosethla December 2017 Ilka - CODP Portfolio Pafuri Wildlife Workshop
Mosethla December 2017 Ilka - CODP Portfolio Pafuri Wildlife Workshop

thephotowalkers - August 2017 Hluleka-Mkuze-Kosibay Conceptual Photography Workshop
thephotowalkers - August 2017 hluleka-mkuze-kosibay Conceptual Photography Workshop
The Pinhole Project Analog Experiments Michael Analog Experiments Ilka
The Pinhole Project Analog Experiments Analog Experiments


  • 16. June 2018, It is not that we did not add anything to our website, we just smuggled it in without showing it on our website. Today we are busy with a major update and we let you know what is new on the front page. Just check out the first line of our table to the right. The CODP portfolio of Ilka comes highly recommended not just because it got her an award of the best portfolio, also because it shows a vast variety of subjects and techniques.
  • 12. August 2017, Ilka brought some magnificent pictures from Paris; I used the time to do some Fashion and now we added some exiting retro stuff The Pinhole Project; Analog Experiments Michael; Analog Experiments Ilka
  • 10. June 2017, Ilka is back and brought some pictures from Germany. Go to German Spring 2017
  • 27. May 2017, It has been a long time since the last update - too long. Go to Spring Vacation 2017 and have fun.
  • 18. February 2017, Our elephant story from Chobe, Botswana is online. The Mourning Elephants Mesmerizing - check it out.
    Für unsere deutschen Freunde gibt es die faszinierende Geschichte unter Trauernde Elefanten
  • 11. February 2017, Ilka and I added a new album in our joint gallery Winter Impressionen 2016
  • 11. December 2016, I added a new Album in Michaels Workshop: AF Workshop Rietvlei
  • 26, November 2016 - first draft