AF Workshop at Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Pretoria

The basic idea of the little self organized workshop was to go through all the posibilities of AF settings offer in the AF menue of the Camera

All I needed was a reasonable sized bird or two flying up and down in front of me. What I got was basically lots of smaller birds, ever hectic in bushes, gras and trees which made my life pretty difficult. That is why I also had some mammals to work with.

AF Workshop

I had 3 key learnings:

  1. There is a button on my camera next to the trigger called Mfn which I need to pay more attention in future.
  2. There is an AF configuration tool which allows to choose between 6 cases. Case 1 gave me the best results. It might not fit all special cases, but is probably the safest choice of all 6
  3. RTFM: There is good reason to go back to the manual and check again - always.

I had a wonderful morning which gave me a couple of nice shots. Check it out on the right.