Hluleka - Mkuze - KosiBay

3 places - 3 different experiences. In Hluleka we had absolute tranquility, the sensational view of the sea right from our terasse and opportunities to do nature photo walks in a safe environment. Highlights have been the dolphins we were able to observe from the cliffs. The second place was Mkuze which is a Kwa Zulu Natal Game Reserve often overlooked. The Khumasinga Hide in the center is never disappointing when it comes to game viewing and action. It is a pity that most of the other hides are run down or just closed with no access at all. That is pretty much the same for the last 3 years. The end of the vacation we spent with friends in Kosi Bay. We had so much fun. The beaches are of unmatched beauty. Life feels like you are in a different universe altogether. That area is one of our favorites in South Africa.