Combining Photography and Architecture in Sandton as the Sun Rises

A tour with with Leanne Dryburgh and Peter Hassall promising that ...
... on this Educational Photowalk you catch the Sandton Skyline as the sun kisses the buildings, meander through the side streets and learn about perspectives, parallel lines, people and so much more. There will intensive exercises on depth of field.

Winter in South Africa, 19. August 2017, a Saturday, getting up at 05h00 to be at the meeting point at 06h00 sharp in Sandton. I must be crazy. But hold on - what an experience. As you can see, checking the pictures, Leanne and Peter kept their promises. We did a lot of exercises getting down on the ground, getting high up, changing perspective all the way taking pictures and after that taking more pictures.

The guards of Sandton got pretty nerveous seeing us all with the big cameras, but Peter did have the magic paper which opens the doors for us, which is typically off limits for general public. After exercising all the skyline of Sandton from the roofs of Sandton we did get back to street level with the models Precious and her brother. We draw a lot of attention and had lots of fun.

We closed the morning with a nice coffee inside warming up after a chilly morning.