Fashion at FotoZA Gallery

Fashion at FotoZA Gallery

Fashion Forward

at 06. May 2017 at the @fotoza_gallery with Canon South Africa, @kameraz, presented by @roger_machin and @clintonlubbe. That was organized as a work shop. The models have been dressed by @joborkett_fashions and @errefashion and they have been beautiful.

There was a ramp set up with four different zones, high key (white background), low key (black background), Bokeh (black background with little lights) and blue background for use with tungsten white balance.

I have never done this before but I can tell you this was fun. I first started with a 50 mm prime lens and than swapped it with the 100 mm macro lens which got me much sharper results. I am not entirely sure if I did justice to the subject fashion photography. Clinton Lubbe is always very adamant that one should know his subject. I did not know a thing about fashion nor about fashion photography - but I got some nice portraits.

That was a fantastic event. The location @fotoza_gallery in Rosebank is awesome. If there is an opportunity in future again, I am sure I will take it and I Michael 4 gommit foto will be better next time.